Clear + Activate Hair Therapy

Clear + Activate Hair Therapy

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A collection of offerings to clear, activate and balance your higher chakras to release limiting beliefs and lean into receiving your true wisdom.

This package includes:

30 min Aromatic Head + Neck Massage 

100ml Hair + Body Oil

15ml Australian Bush Flower Remedy intuitively chosen to support the emotional body.

For the month of May, I have selected 3 flowers for support. These are:

• Southern Cross- Strengthens personal power; taking responsibility and increasing a positive mindset.

’ I am realising more + more that I create my own reality and I am growing with each life experience’

• She Oak- Supports any imbalances of feminine energy, allows one to be open to conceive new creations and pathways moving forward.

’ I now release all emotional blocks preventing new creations to emerge, my confidence grows with my ability to create ‘

• Christmas Bell- Helps one to manifest their desired outcomes. Helps to assist one with mastering our physical existence.

’ I accept all the joy and prosperity life has to offer ‘


The above remedy and oil blend will be for you to take home and work with in your own daily meditation or ritual. I will use these also during your session with me to integrate and illuminate with light frequency healing. 

* Gift box + wrapping available for your special someone..