Medical Hair Restoration

Medical Hair Restoration Australia

Medical Hair Restoration in Nedlands W.A, are a dedicated hair loss clinic, specialising in medically proven hair restoration treatments, and use only proven solutions.

Kate Dawes (IAT), former hairdressing stylist and salon owner, is a well respected Trichologist and expert in her field. Kate provides clients with a thorough consultation, analysis of the hair and scalp and if necessary, further tests to ensure the cause of hair loss is correctly identified.

Medical Hair Restoration has been a long time stockist of Nature’s Symphony Natural Hair Care, for its 100% naturally derived ingredients, and added soothing and healing herbal and aromatherapy extracts, as they know that the quality and benefits of what our hair care provides, makes the perfect combination for what their clientele needs both during and after their treatment at their clinic.

For more information, or to book a consultation, call 1800 668 480 or check out their website