Dandruff and Psoriasis - healing naturally

Some insight into Dandruff and Psoriasis, and how to heal from it…naturally.

As a hairdresser of over 25 years, one of the most popular questions I get asked from my clients is “How do I get rid of dandruff and why do I have it?” It’s a pesky thing to have, and can be embarrassing for some who have an excessive amount, and have even more inflamed and irritated issues such as psoriasis.

Hairstylists these days have to have a wide knowledge of these issues and how to prevent them, in order to look after our clients and prescribe the right treatment for them.
With such a wide variety of products on the market these days, it can be confusing for some people to know the difference between a dry scalp or dandruff. This is why we need to approach the issue with a more holistic mind set.

The first question I ask is how often the client shampoos their hair and what they’re using. If you NEED to wash your hair frequently, make sure you use a gentle, moisturising shampoo so as not to dry out the hair and scalp. As I am passionate about natural hair care practices, I lean towards sharing products that have NO synthetic and toxic ingredients, that allow the scalp to breathe, and the hair to feel healthy and not coated with silicone and sulphates.

The second consideration is how are they feeling? Have they taken any medication, been under stress or been detoxing. Everything we put in our bodies will dramatically effect the health of our hair and skin. Every action has a reaction, and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Nutrition has a huge effect on our hair and scalp also. Making sure our bodies are nourished and hydrated with fresh water, a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the right amount of proteins and minerals to aid in optimum cellular health. Excessive use of processed sugars and foods, create unhealthy gut bacteria, and therefore create fungal conditions, which are released in our skin and hair cells.

Regular brushing is a wonderful way to boost circulation and stimulate hair follicles for healthy growth. Brush BEFORE shampooing your hair to help remove skin cells easily from the scalp.

Mother Nature has a vast array of botanical sources, easily available to us also.
Herbal rinses of Chamomile and Sage with pure essential oils of Rosemary, Tea tree and Myrrh are a beautiful natural way to soothe irritation and inflammation.

Nature’s Symphony Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner is beautiful for all scalp conditions.

Containing Herbal extracts of,
Chamomile- to soothe
Calendula – to restore

Pure essential oils of,
Lavender- to calm
Ylang Ylang- to protect and nurture
Bergamot- to cleanse and rid build up

Bach Flower Remedy of Crab Apple to purify.